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“Training with launchpad has helped take my game to the absolute next level.”
Jalen Gabbidon
Guard, Yale Basketball

Our Approach

long-term outlook

Science has proven that long-term plans are most effective

periodization and leveling

Make progress at the pace that’s right for you

no more guesswork

Show up and your workout is waiting for you

building fast-twitch muscle has never been easier


Science-Backed Training

Launchpad incorporates the latest science in athletic development to deliver workouts that include the optimal strain, rest, and periodized cycles.



Launchpad's programming learns based on your age, goals, sports, and past performance to customize your workout every time you step on the Launchpad.


Velocity-based training

Every rep matters. SpeedAI lets you know if you're using too much or too little weight so that your hard work delivers the most explosive results.

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