Frequently asked questions

Do I need professional installation?

We offer a discount on professional installation through HomeAdvisor

What if I already have dumbbells?

The dumbbells that we have come standard with our equipment setup as they fit neatly under our boxes and have the adjustability and range of weight that our training needs. Your existing dumbbells may be your preference and you are welcome to use them as you workout, but we will still ship our adjustable dumbbells with every unit.

Can I use Launchpad without a subscription?

The equipment will all still let you workout on your own, and you’ll be able to track your speed for each rep across a range of exercises. You will not have access to training, your historical data, or the full set of exercises that Launchpad tracks.

How many users can train on a Launchpad?

Your subscription includes 5 user accounts. If you’d like additional user profiles, they are each $7.99 per month.

Can two people train at the same time?

Launchpad has a multiplayer mode for assessments to compete in testing things like your vertical jump or agility. However, we have carefully designed your workout for the day that would be different than another user’s. We’ve also optimized the rest time within workouts so that you are taking the time between sets that maximizes your gains. As a result, a single Launchpad does not currently support two users working out simultaneously.

What is the right age to train?

Launchpad’s safety council has worked together to design age-appropriate workouts for every user. We recommend that children under 10 not use the Launchpad in training mode. We will develop content in the future that lets them move and have fun without risking injury. For more information on training by age, see our blog post here.

How much is the Launchpad Membership?

$39 per month gets you access to personalized workout programs and AI coaching for up to 5 users.

I'm a parent, can I use it too?

Yes! You can be an athlete your entire life. Launchpad’s training programs for adults are designed to keep your body moving in dynamic ways. Stay healthy, moving, and active for longer with Launchpad.

Should I train on launchpad in-season?

Strength training in-season is critical for staying healthy and maintaining peak athletic performance during competition. Simply active game day mode and Launchpad’s pre- and post-game activation workouts get your body fired up and ready to go.

Can I do Launchpad workouts with my own equipment?

We only sell our equipment as a set. The Launchpad equipment is critical enabling our SpeedAI system. And each professional-grade component was carefully selected to make it possible for you to push your limits with every exercise.

What if I lose a piece of the equipment?

If you contact our support, we will work with you to ship you a replacement part. Just email and explain your issue.

Can I get credit for referring to friends?

Yes! You'll receive a referral link to share with your friends and teammates. With each referral you'll earn 2 months free subscription and your friend will receive an extra 2 months free subscription. If you refer 10 people, you'll get a limited-edition Launchpad hoodie.

Other questions?

Send them to and we'll respond within 24 hours.