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Once and future athlete, Launchpad is working to keep Jason ahead of his kids for at least a few more years. Jason played basketball at Yale and lives in Denver with his wife, who was a HS National Player of the Year and won two NCAA Championships at UConn and 3 kids.

Jason Abromaitis
CEO & Co-founder

As a former two sport college athlete, Dr. Doug understands how athletes need to train in order reach the next level. He spent the last decade working with college and pro athletes in all sports. Using his own methodology Dr. Doug touted an impressive 43" vertical jump well after his college career.

Dr. Doug goldstein, Pt, DPT, ocs, faaompt
COO, Head Trainer & Co-founder

Jalen is currently an active Division 1 basketball player at Yale University. He is the two-time team captain and reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the Ivy League. He spent the last year training with Launchpad and SpeedAI™️ preparing for his 2021-22 senior season.

Jalen gabbidon
CTO & Co-founder

Our Story

Why We’re Building Launchpad

Launchpad was founded by a team of athletes who started from very different places – overweight, skinny, and weak. We know what it feels like to be a kid with a dream and a work ethic.

We believe that there’s an incredible athlete in every one of us and we just need the confidence that comes from being given a chance. Launchpad is on a mission to give every athlete the opportunity to reach their potential regardless of where they live or how much money their family makes.

I was an overweight kid who looked up at the rim and thought I'd never get there. It was the support of my parents and coaches that gave me a chance to reach my potential in basketball and to take so many things from the game.

I believe that there's an athlete in every kid out there and each one just need the support and guidance that will help them to reach the next level in their sport.

We're building Launchpad to give that support and guidance so that they can take lifelong lessons from sports and from working hard with a plan towards a goal.

- Jason Abromaitis, CEO & Co-founder

How the Concept Started

Doug and Jason have known each other for over a decade and started entertaining the idea of at-home training for athletes in the summer of 2020 as they watched connected fitness products all launch to serve adults simply looking to burn calories. They started talking to kids and parents and the response was convincing – the world needed this product.

Then James Jones, who coached Jason at Yale years ago, introduced Jalen who was interested in startups. He was so taken by the Launchpad concept that he moved into Jason’s basement 3 weeks later and got to work building SpeedAI.

In the summer of 2021 we completed the Techstars Sports Accelerator program as we were closing in on launching and now we’re excited to have gotten to market faster than any other connected fitness product.

Based a mile above the competition in Denver, Co