sports performance training in your home

  • Run Faster
  • Jump Higher
  • Recover Better

for Ages 13+

Training designed for aspring athletes

Built for all homes

Only 6’ x 6’6” footprint when in use and 2’ x 6’ when stowed

on-demand AI trainer

Experience Launchpad’s AI performance trainer, SpeedAI™

SpeedAI Camera Analysis

  • Exercise: Lateral lunge
  • Repetition count: 6/8
  • Rep progress: 68%
  • Weight: bodyweight
  • Goal velocity: 100 bps
  • Time under tension: 2.7 sec
  • Velocity: 112 BPS
  • Power: 2603

Improve your vert.
Run a faster 40.
Prevent injuries.

Launchpad's equipment and programming helps aspiring athletes reach their highest level of performance.

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Training equipment with a purpose

Launchpad includes all the equipment you need to become your best.

Velocity-based training with SPEEDAI

Cutting-edge technology combined with training programs straight from the minds of the best trainers in the world.

Take the guesswork out of training

Launchpad builds sport-specific training programs for you based on your age and goals.



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